stimulating baby toysBuying baby toys is one of those unforgettable pleasures in life, especially if you are buying a toy for your first baby.

A baby’s first toy is one of these cherished keepsakes that sentimental moms will want to keep forever and pass down the line.

But how do you know what baby toys to buy?

With so many different choices for toys for baby from the Fisher Price Aquarium and the Fisher Price Jumperoo, to the Fisher Price Amazing Animals train, how do you know whether this will be the right toy for your child?

Baby gyms, baby mobiles and toys that help baby to learn to crawl and walk are great but can be confusing for parents as there are so many fabulous and high-quality baby toys on the market these days.

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Aside from helping to develop your baby’s motor skills and help with mobility, a lot of parents also looks for interactive toys and toys that stimulate their baby.

With bells and whistles, musical tunes, animal sounds, phone sounds, things to squeak and twist and press, you will be able to find the right doll or plush toy or vehicle that your little one will love to play with.

Toys for boys and toys for girls, there are lots of toys for each and often parents will buy a toy for their baby based on recommendations from parents they know.  This is often one of the best ways to choose a toy for your little one, because you will have seen it first hand and played with it yourself.

As well as looking at the type of toy and your budget, you’ll also need to be aware of toy safety and knowing what constitutes to making toys safe for babies and toddlers to play with.