Outdoor play slideToys and furniture for outdoor play are a great way to keep your little ones busy and out of the house, but still under your watchful eye, in the backyard.

Buying outdoor play sets means your little ones can have hours  of fun outside and get a nice round of exercise in too whilst  playing.

It means you don’t have to make as many trips to the park just  to keep these little ones amused.

Outdoor slides, play houses and cottages for kids, activity  tables, sand and water sandboxes – all of these make for a  great deal of fun for children and many of these can be used by  multiple children to share and play with at the same time.

You might find the following useful:

Step2 Push Around Buggy

Up And Down Roller Coaster

Step2 Naturally Playful Sandbox

Naturally Playful Sand and Water Activity Center

Alex Little Jumpers Trampoline

Of course, when it comes to outdoor play equipment, safety is  paramount and that’s why when it comes to buying outdoor playsets for kids, you’ll want to buy from reputable  manufacturers.

Step2 is well-known for quality and safety design and testing on their products as are Fisher Price who  have a great line of outdoor sports activities for children.

Their I Can Play Basketball hoop grows with your child, as it is height adjustable and can be used for children as young as 2  years.

Outdoor play can give moms and dads a bit of winding down time,  whilst their children play outside and have lots of fun.

Investing in a piece of outdoor play equipment, whether it be a  children’s swing, or folding slide or trampoline is a good  investment especially for long summer breaks!