realistic baby dolls for playDolls, like teddy bears, are known as being childhood  playthings for small children.

Traditionally, it is mainly little girls that love to play  with dolls, often starting out with the realistic looking  Baby Dolls.

If you look at baby dolls by brand you will  see that there are many such as the Corolle baby dolls,  Berenguer dolls, Baby Alive dolls, Madame Alexander dolls  and the extremely popular Baby Annabell dolls.

It seems that girls have a natural maternal and nurturing  instinct in-built which makes them gravitate towards wanting little baby dolls to play with.

Often, they will  see their own mothers taking care of siblings and  naturally will want to copy their mothers. Buying a baby  doll is a great way to help your older children deal with  the arrival of a new sibling. Of course, boys don’t take to playing with dolls as much.

Is this genetic or environmental?

In any case, boys will gravitate towards playing with action heroes and figurines  from the more popular movies and TV Series and you will  find boys toy boxes full of Tranformer figurines or Star  Wars or Toy Story heroes such as Buzz Lightyear or Sheriff Woody.

They have also by this time found a great way of engaging  in pretend play by using doll houses to feed their  imagination.

Whilst  playing with doll houses might be a pastime for children,  putting together dolls houses has become something of a  hobby for adults with many adults being proud owners of  magnificent dollhouse collections.

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Once girls get to the age of about 5 or 6, and this often  varies depending on each child, you’ll see that their  interest drops when it comes to playing with baby dolls.  They will be interested in many other types of toys by  now, probably Disney Princesses or Dora The Explorer types  of dolls.

At this stage and most likely going forward, you’ll find  that young girls develop an interest for the fashion dolls  such as Barbie, the Bratz dolls and the newly popular  Monster High Dolls.

These highly popular fashion dolls  have the figure and dress style of young women, so you  will see these figurines with a fully developed adult  figures as opposed to the resemblance to babies that dolls  like baby Annabell have.

These grown-up dolls are stylishly dressed with fantastic  makeup and beautifully done hair.

The popularity of the Monster High dolls shows that whilst these dolls are mainly bought by pre-teens and teenagers,  because they are so beautifully created, they are also  highly sought after by grown women who tend to think of  these dolls as collectible items and many go on to buy the  entire selection of Monster High dolls.