Building with Lego BricksBuilding blocks and construction kits for kids are hugely  popular with children of varying ages.

The most well-known make of them all, Lego has Lego building  sets suitable for children as young as young as 18 months of  age.

The Lego Duplo Basic Bricks are a nice size for small  hands and come in bright eye catching colors, inspiring little  minds to get creative.

Their Lego Ultimate Building set with over 400 pieces is ideal  for older children from the age of 4 upwards and gets these  young budding builders and architects using their imagination  and vision as they build all manner of things!

It well known that helping your young child to develop their fine motor skills (such as developing their dexterity in their  hands and fingers and enabling their eyes to work in  coordination with their hands).

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Lego is ideal for this as it  requires good finger movement to pick up small bricks and  assemble them and good use of eye movement too in order to see  as you build. This aside, your children are also using their  imagination and creativity as they create buildings, places,  automobiles, homes and more, from these Lego building bricks.

As always, Lego has kept up with the insatiable demand for its  sets and each year they come out with newer sets to fuel their  demand.

There are Lego sets for virtually all of the big blockbuster  movies from the past. This is why you will be able to find  Harry Potter Lego sets, Star Wars Lego sets, Batman Lego sets,
Toy Story Lego sets, Pirates of the Caribbean Lego sets and more.

For the avid Lego enthusiast, the more intricate, and more  expensive, larger Lego sets come with 1000s of pieces and can  take hours to put together. These Lego sets, such as the Lego  Creator Grand Emporium, the Lego Make & Create Cafe Corner, the  Lego Creator Green Grocer, the Lego Beach House, the Lego  Creator Shuttle Adventure – are just a small sampling of the  beautifully created and awe-inspiring Lego sets that have  become collectible items.

Veering off from the normal building block scenario, there are  other ends of the Lego product spectrum too:

They have a really challenging and clever robot creation set  which is called Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 which is a robot  created from Lego bricks but can also be made to act on command  using software to program it.

At the other end of the product line, Lego have consistently  produced their yearly Lego Advent calendar and have been doing  so for the past twenty years. Their offering for 2011 is the  Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar.