action figures star warsAction figures allow your children to relive their favorite parts from films and TV programs.

This summer’s big hit film  being the Transformer film “Dark Side of the Moon” has meant a  great demand for Megatron, Starscream, Voyager Shockwave and  other collectibles from the Transformers films.

It doesn’t just end there.

Buzz Lightyear and Sherriff Woody have been firm favorites for  children for many years now and can it really be ten years ago that the first Toy Story film was released?

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Of course, the old time classics such as the Marvel  superheroes, Star Wars characters, as well as Batman and the Captain America will shortly be revived due to the new Captain America movie.

Action figurines remain much loved and are collected not only by young children but by their older brothers and maybe even their dads too!

Vintage Star Wars action figures will never go out of demand,  neither will the heroes of yesteryear such as Spiderman and  Superman.

Thank goodness for action heroes collectibles!