electronic learning toys for childrenIn this age and time it is no surprise that electronic toys  rule when it comes to kids toys.

Many of these tend to be educational learning games for  children such as Leapster learning toys or the IXL 6-in-1  Learning system.

From playing Kinect Games, or playing with the xBox 360 or Wii, electronic toys and online games are the order of the new day.  Our children want to be constantly interacting, constantly connecting, learning, doing and playing all online or with consoles.

It seems that our love of electronic items has moved over so  much into the educational part of our children’s lives.  Kids  these days are so much more savvy than their parents, and can  more easily use a touch-screen iPhone than their parents.

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Whilst there are benefits to learning interactively by using electronic learning games and devices, we must not lose sight of our ability to interact with the world and people around us. Simple pleasures in life, such as using a paper book to teach your child to read must not be thrown away in preference for using electronic systems instead.