toddler toys for kidsDo you know what sort of toddler toys your little one likes?

It can be tricky as toddlers by now know of their independence  and know that they don’t have to rely on their parents for  everything, apart from food and shelter.

They gain a certain stubbornness and refusal to do even the  smallest things you might ask of them hence the infamous phrase  “the terrible twos” which is about the age you can say that  your baby has definitely outgrown the baby stage.

Temper tantrums are the rage now as your toddlers knows what he  likes and doesn’t like. They also think they know how to get  what they want.

It depends if you give in to them easily (for a  peaceful life) or whether you have the staunch personality and  determination to ride out the storm currently brewing whilst  your little one is screaming and raging on the floor in the  middle of the mall.

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Toddlers are developing their personality as well as learning  new skills and language too. There is a lot of learning going  on inside that brain of theirs!

Choosing activity toys what help them create and build from  blocks of wood or using Lego building blocks is a great way to  get them motivated and keeping them busy at the same time too.

Pretend play with kitchens and outdoor activity tables is ideal  for children of this age.  It lets them mimic grownups, in the  case of using a kitchen to cook pretend food and copy mommy, or  use sand and water outside in an activity table.  Messy play  means a great time as far as toddlers are concerned!

In addition to play, now is also a good time to get your little  ones used to the a sense of balance, and learning to ride a  toddler bike a great way to get them mobile, and get exercise  too.

Toddler balance bikes are ideal as first bikes for  children who have no sense of balance and might be afraid of  falling off a bike and hurting themselves.