razor kick scootersBikes and skates have been around for decades and staple  favorites for young children and teenagers as a faster, cheaper  and fun way of getting around by themselves.

Learning to ride a bike is one of those special milestone  moments in any child’s life and learning to gain that sense of  balance that allows them to move forward on a 2-wheeled bike  without falling off, signals a great achievement!  One that is  definitely worth of a camera moment or a camcorder recording.

What do you start out with though? With so many different  models and types of bikes available, how do you know what is  the best bike to learn to ride on for children?

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Take a look as some of the balance bikes for kids.

These bikes are typically lower to the ground and therefore are  much more stable and also if your child does fall off they  won’t hurt themselves as much as they are closer to the ground.

Learning to ride a bike is all about gaining a sense of  balance, developing confidence and getting over the fear of  falling down.

Something like a Strider PREBike for toddlers  provides these three things and really helps your child to  conquer their fear of falling and gaining the balance needed to  ride a 2-wheeled bike.  From here, confidence is naturally  born.

For younger children, a year upwards to about two years of age,  you might want to look at easier and fun ways for them to get  around, perhaps when you are taking them to nursery or to the  park or shopping in the mall.

There are many cute cars for  children and they come with a long pole that makes them easier  for adults to push along also, Little Tikes cars and Radio  Flyer cars are ideal for these and both are high-quality  retailers with top-grade products that are beautifully designed  and safe for children too.

For older children the newest trends and massively popular too  are the kick scooters, notably the most well-known manufacturer  for these are Razor in the USA.  Mini-kick scooters are perfect  for smaller children but there are many adults who love their  kick scooters too.

The Ripstik Caster Board is a hybrid of a skateboard and skates  and is one of the coolest ways to get around, once you find  your balance.

As you can see, bikes and skates are perfect for children and  with so many different types and models, you’ll find the right  bikes, scooter or skateboard for your child, whatever their  age.