The bestselling Scrabble boardgameGames and puzzles are great – whether you want to go solo or  want to play in a group with friends and family.

What better way to pass the time after a huge Thanksgiving or  Christmas meal than to play a strategy game such as Dominion or  Settlers of Catan?

There is nothing more exciting than pitting your brains and  your strategic movements in a bid to outdo your fellow players.

Clubs and groups have formed from getting together once a week  and spending a great evening playing boardgames that keep your  brain exercised and help sharpen your intellect. It sure beats  sitting in front of the television all evening.

And who can forget timeless classics such as Scrabble or the  best selling Ticket to Ride Board game?

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Getting your children used to playing together and taking part  in games which help them with their vocabulary as well as to  encourage them to love language, is a good thing!

For once, we  can forget about all the electronic gadgets of our age and  enjoy a good old fashioned board game that uses raw brain power  and nothing but our hands, or maybe a sheet of paper and pencil  for keeping score.