Kids Love Cuddly or Plush ToysCuddly toys, or plush toys as they are also known have been  firm favorites with children and adults for many years now.

They are cute, lovely to hold, make great playmates for  children and are often great for people to buy as gifts when  they don’t really know what to buy a child!

Plush toys are adorable and huggable and there so many of them  available on the market these days.

We have moved on considerably from the days of teddy bears.

Nowadays you can have plush pets, cuddly dinosaurs, huggable  farm animals, robotic plush toys that act on command as well as  Disney plush toys.

Hit children’s movies spawn all sorts of merchandise for kids  and it should come as no surprise that Toys Story toys, Cars 2  Plush toys, Harry Potter and Star Wars plush toys are in great  demand.

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Add the My Pillow Pets line of toys as Furreal Friends to that  mix and you have masses of choices when it comes to finding the  right plush toy to buy for your child.

However, a word of caution, always make sure that the toy you  buy is age appropriate for the child.

Many plush toys are not suitable for children under the age of  3 years and parents often think that just because a toy is soft  and cuddly, then it can pose no harm to a young child.

This is not true as many plush toys have eyes, nose and mouth  parts sewn onto them and these could be potential choking  hazards if your 6 month old chews them off and swallows them.