click to buy Lego Make & Create Cafe Corner

click to buy Lego Make & Create Cafe CornerThe Lego Make & Create Cafe Corner is one of those  rare and beautifully crafted, detailed and realistic  pieces of Lego genius that transport you to another  Lego world.

The Make & Create Cafe Corner has a 5 star  rating on

Lego Miniature Figure set

Lego Miniature Figure setThe Lego Community Miniature Figure set is a  comprehensive Lego kit that contains of 256 rare and  unique pretend figures and accessories.

Suitable for age 4 and upwards, this LEGO Community Miniature Figure Set With 256 Pieces set will provide your children with brightly  colored and realistic looking characters that  represent real life people and places. Imagine the hours of fun and creative play they will have with this rich and varied set of pretend people.…

Building With Lego

Building With Lego

Using Lego sets and other representational toys, such as action figures, soft and cuddly Pillow Pets toys and dolls encourage your children to use make believe a part of their play routine.

In doing this, your child gets to express himself and his feelings about real-life experiences. It is also a great opportunity for enriching their language and if you take part in their role-play as well, it might give you an insight into any problems or concerns your child might have.

Your child will probably start using make believe at any time from around the age of 2 years.  …