My Tot Clock

My Tot Clock has saved many a family from the nightmare of sleep deprivation. If you are a parent, you will know only too well, the times when your 2 year old got up very early and came into your room to get into your bed. All parents know about sleep deprivation to some extent. It seems that My Tot Clock has helped many tiny tots to learn about and respect the different times and to help their parents get a good night’s sleep.Read More →

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A huge hit with parents, the Bounce & Spin Zebra by Fisher Price is a wonderful ride-on toy that your child will love. The Bounce and Spin Zebra won the Hot Toy Award from Toys ‘R Us in 2006.Read More →

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Let your kids bring out their own rockin’ and rolling’  and performing budding geniuses with My Toon TV by Fisher-Price. This is a clever little device with a microphone that  lets your children turn themselves into a cartoon and  then watch themselves on tv! There are lots of funny characters they can choose from.Read More →

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    Your children are going to have hours of outdoor fun  with this WaterWheel activity play table by Step2. And moms, you will have a calmer and more peaceful  time knowing that they aren’t spilling water all over  the floor. Water pours through the funnel and activate the wheel  which spills water into the upper and inner harbors.  Just this alone will keep your kids amused for a long  time!Read More →

Evenflo ExerSaucer Triple Fun Jungle

As your child grows, the Evenflo ExerSaucer Triple Fun – Jungle will grow with him – providing hours of fun as a playmat, a  safer alternative to baby walkers and an activity table all in  one. This provided excellent value for money and is a great example  of a versatile child toy that can be used in many different  ways for different ages and stages of a child’s life.Read More →

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The Kidkraft Deluxe Fire Rescue Set will keep that spark  of imagination truly alive in your kids as they immerse  in the role of firefighters and the fire station. Bold, bright and colorful with great attention to detail,  there is so much for curious young minds to do here.Read More →

Click here to buy the Strider PREBike for Toddlers

Strider PREbike Balance Running Bike is ideal for toddlers. If they can already walk, you can get them started riding on this pre-bike early. You will have no difficulty assembling this bike, and your toddler will have no trouble maneuvering it because it only weighs 6.9 pounds! Any child can easily maneuver this around the house and in the front yard.Read More →