click to buy My Pillow Pets Moose

click to buy My Pillow Pets MooseMy Pillow Pets moose is a chocolate brown soft and cuddly,  huggable, snuggly and cute looking Moose that kids will  adore and love to pieces.

Dopey eyes, big fluffy ears and golden brown antlers give  you one of the cutest looking moose you have ever seen!

The Moose Pillow pets are available in both sizes: the small pillow pets 11 inch moose and
and the large pillow pets 18 inch moose.…

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click to buy the Giraffe Pillow PetThe Jolly Giraffe Pillow Pet is a super soft and cuddly plush  giraffe in yellow and tan.
Close the velcro fastener across Jolly Giraffe’s belly and  you have a plush pet for your child to play with and to hug.

Open the velcro fastener and lay Jolly giraffe flat so that he  turns into a pillow for your child to use when it is  bedtime.

In this way, Jolly Giraffe never leaves your  childs side and is a constant companion.…

click here to buy Sir Horse from

click here to buy Sir Horse from Amazon.comThe Sir Horse Pillow Pet plush toy is a firm favorite with many young children.  Sir Horse comes in both large and small sizes and is an extra cuddly brown horse made from the super-softest of Chenille fabric.

With Sir Horse, your child finds instant comfort and joy.
They can play with Sir Horse during the day when he is a Pillow Pet plush toy and by night Sir Horse turns into a super snuggly and soft, warm and cuddly pillow for your child to rest his head on.

Kids everywhere love their Pillow Pets, whatever creature they are and …

Cuddly dog toys for babies are an easy to buy gift for family and friends to give to babies.

Why?  Because cuddly dog toys are soft, cute and you know they will look adorable in a baby’s nursery.…

Original My Pillow Pets Dinosaur Blanket Blue

Original My Pillow Pets Dinosaur Blanket BlueKids absolutely adore the Dinosaur My Pillow Pets toys – why?

Because they are soft and cuddly and most dinosaur toys you get tend to be plastic and therefore hard to touch.

Oddly enough, whilst, as parents, we know that dinosaurs were huge, scary looking animals that roamed the earth millions of years ago, small children are mesmerised by them.

Sheriff Woody Pillow Time Pal

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear PillowBuzz and Woody Pillow Pets

Many of you have been trying to find Toy Story Pillow Pets. Unfortunately, these do not exist. There are no Sheriff Woody or Buzz Lightyear Pillow Pets.

Click here to see what the original set of Pillow Pets toys look like – as you can see, there are no Toy Story Pillow Pets in the range.…

Harry Potter Pillow

Harry Potter Pillow

Harry Potter Pillow Pets do not exist! Its official and yet  kids all over who adore the Pillow Pets range of toys, still  keep looking for the Harry Potter Pillow Pet.

The manufacturer of Pillow Pets toys have no desire to branch  out  into different Pillow Pets creatures at the moment.…