Wooden toys have been recommended for so many years. Most people get them more appealing compared to metallic ones for various reasons. For instance, the manufacturers do not utilize chemicals in designing, something that wins the hearts of many. Still, they have the ability to withstand breakages resulting from children’s beatings. So then, let us have an in-depth review of various types of wooden toys. Railway Children intensely love wooden trains. Here are some of the train sets you can consider for them once they are out of the box.Read More →

Wooden Trains

Toys are very essential in engaging children as they grow. Of all toys, toddlers often get wooden trains the most appealing. The wooden trains are the most recommended toys for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are durable compared to plastic ones. For instance, they can put up with hard beatings from kids, and withstand breaks and falls. Secondly, there are no chemicals used in structuring them. Let us review some at least four wooden train sets and three train tables.Read More →

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2011

At last, the New Lego 2011 Advent calendar is here! Based on a  Star Wars theme and full of Galactic Festive Fun and  comes with 24 unique gifts that will take your children  right up to Christmas Day with lots of fun and  anticipation. This is the first ever Lego Star Wars Advent  Calendar.Read More →

The Lego Creator Shuttle Adventure is truly a wonderful way to  remember the end of an era as the last shuttle has just  gone into space. Lego has done amazingly well at  capturing all the details of a shuttle.  No surprise  really since Lego always do an incredible job with their brilliant Lego creator sets. The Lego Creator Shuttle Adventure has a 5  Star rating on Amazon.com.Read More →

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Lego never stop over delivering and their highly  detailed Lego sets are marvelous feats of Lego  engineering. The Lego Pirates Imperial Flagship is  one such building set, although this is not  intended for young kids and is recommended for  young adults aged 14 years and beyond.Read More →

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For some of the best building and construction  toys, look no further than the Lego building sets,  such as the Lego Police Station, Lego Grand Emporium or the Lego Family Home which are just some of the fascinating and incredible Lego building sets around.Read More →

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If you’re looking for a building and construction toy set that will withstand constant play from a  toddler or 3-4 year old, and is great value for  money, then Melissa 7 Doug’s 60 Piece Standard Unit  Blocks might be the very thing you should check  out. This toy is a far cry from the electronic and  hand-held gaming toys that seem to be so popular  with kids these day.Read More →

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As far as building and construction toys goes,  Lego’s Police station building set is a hot  favorite with those that have bought and built it. This product is highly rated on Amazon and has a 5-star rating.Read More →