stimulating baby toys

If your little one is around the age of 6 months or more, then this Vtech Move &  Crawl ball is one of those great toys that help baby to crawl. Now, you don’t necessarily need to buy anything in order to get your baby to start  crawling. And, you don’t want to force your child to start crawling before he or she is  ready either. You can tell when your baby is ready because one day, all of a sudden you realize  that they are not where you placed them! They have moved to a different part of the Read More →

As moms and dads know, toys are some of the first and most important objects their kids are introduced to. Toys help toddlers, babies, and little ones learn to relate to the world, and they often become cherished parts of their childhood with lifelong memories. Now there are even products that not only help young children learn about the world and entertain them for hours, they actually help their brains develop and learn better.Read More →

click here to buy the Learn and Groove Musical Table

Leapfrog’s Learn & Groove Table opens the door to a world of learning and musical activities that will totally grab the attention of your baby or toddler. There is so much for a youngster to do here! So many learning activities and musical sounds that your child is going to get a lot of visual and auditory stimulation – all without the parents having to get involved!Read More →

toy safety

Toy safety goes beyond the materials that toys are  made from and includes selecting age appropriate  toys, storing toys away properly, maintaining your  toys as well as being careful around cords and toys  with small objects. We all have to be vigilant regarding the safety of  our toys since our children are the ones who will  be playing with them and children, especially  those under the age of 3 years, will not always  know when toys are unsafe for them.Read More →

click here to buy the Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse

This is a brilliant toy when your baby is finding it  difficult to fall asleep. This Seahorse can help!  When  it is cuddled, the Seahorse’s belly gently glows and it  plays over 5 minutes of music and relaxing ocean sounds  which are so naturally soothing and conducive to lulling  a baby gently to sleep.  Some babies can fall asleep just by looking at the baby mobiles over their cot but for other babies, it might takes something a little more soothing and this is where the Ocean Wonders Seahorse does a great job. At the end of 5 minutes, theRead More →

Music In Motion Roller Coaster

Bring the thrill and excitement of the theme  parks into your home all year around with this new Music in  Motion Roller Coaster ride from Step2. Everyone loves the fun of amusements with all the fast and  furious rides it has. For babies and very young children,  amusement parks can be slightly off limits until children are a  certain height.Read More →

fisher price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

It is an amazing sight to behold, your baby starting to take his or her first steps independantly. You see the transformation your baby has undergone, starting from a baby who has almost no control over his head, arm, leg and body movements from birth and now, around about the age of 11 months to 15 months, starting to take steps forward and walking.Read More →

There are many different ways you can encourage your baby to start crawling. You can do this by putting interesting  objects in out of reach of your baby and gently encourage her  to go and get them. Of course, there are also many toys that help baby to crawl as  well.  These come with the usual bells, whistles and lights  that attract the attention of little ones and encourage them  to get crawling. The Vtech Move & Crawl ball is one such toy.Read More →

Fisher Price Amazing Animals Sing and Go Choo-Choo

The Fisher Price Amazing Animals Sing and Go Choo-Choo is a  delightful musical choo-choo train that has baby animals and  lights up and plays catchy songs. This is exactly the type of toy that will keep little ones  distracted and amused for a while.Read More →

Baby gyms are great for stimulating little minds but what you  will find when you look at many baby gyms is that they will  recommend not to be used for children under the age of 3 years  due to choking hazards. This can seem at a conflict with the whole point of having a  “baby gym”, because a 3 year old is not  a baby. Often,  manufacturers put these disclaimers to safeguard themselves  and many parents DO buy these activity gyms for their small  babies.Read More →