New My Pillow Pets Pink Dino

Due to popular demand for their cute and super cuddly plush pets, the My Pillow Pets Company has added lots of new  creatures to its line of toys. Especially cute and  colorful are the new My Pillow Pets Butterfly pets: My Pillow Pets Pink Butterfly there is also a Pink Butterfly Blanket available My Pillow Pets Blue Butterfly – Large My Pillow Pets Orange ButterflyRead More →

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  Furreal Friends have been around for nearly a decade, first appearing back in 2002 from Hasbro. Parents love Furreal Friends because these pets don’t poop and don’t require feeding or walking! Their slogan “They love you for real, FurReal Friends” is appealing to young hearts and minds.Read More →

Pillow Pets  Amazon – where you can buy the original  My Pillow Pets in both large and small sizes, as well as  the My Pillow Pets hats and My Pillow Pets blankets,  from the original manufacturer. Whether you want the ever popular and best selling My  Pillow Pets Dog or My Pillow Pets cat or monkey,  Amazon will have it and often at some of the best  value prices around.Read More →

Pet robots for kids, what a great idea! No mess, no  hassle, no feeding or cleaning required and an easy pet  for parents to have. For kids, pet robots are fun too  because they give your child a pet buddy to look after and  depending on which make and model of pet robot you buy,  these clever toys often perform tricks, make appropriate  animal noises and move too.Read More →

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The Jolly Giraffe Pillow Pet is a super soft and cuddly plush  giraffe in yellow and tan. Close the velcro fastener across Jolly Giraffe’s belly and  you have a plush pet for your child to play with and to hug. Open the velcro fastener and lay Jolly giraffe flat so that he  turns into a pillow for your child to use when it is  bedtime. In this way, Jolly Giraffe never leaves your  childs side and is a constant companion.Read More →

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The Zippity Zebra Pillow Pet is another beautifully soft  and snuggly plush toy from the My Pillow Pets company. These adorable Zebra plush pets are available in both  sizes, the Zippity Zebra Pillow Pet large is 18 inches in  size whilst the Zippity Zebra Pillow Pet small is 11  inches long.Read More →