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Lego Creator Shuttle Adventure 10213

click here to buy Lego Creator Shuttle Adventure nowThe Lego Creator Shuttle Adventure is truly a wonderful way to  remember the end of an era as the last shuttle has just  gone into space. Lego has done amazingly well at  capturing all the details of a shuttle.  No surprise  really since Lego always do an incredible job with their brilliant Lego creator sets.

The Lego Creator Shuttle Adventure has a  Star rating on Amazon.com.

Lego Pirates Imperial Flagship

click here to buy Lego Pirates Imperial FlagshipLego never stop over delivering and their highly  detailed Lego sets are marvelous feats of Lego  engineering.

The Lego Pirates Imperial Flagship is  one such building set, although this is not  intended for young kids and is recommended for  young adults aged 14 years and beyond.

Lego Queen Anne’s Revenge

click here to buy Lego Queen Anne's RevengeFor some of the best building and construction  toys, look no further than the Lego building sets,  such as the Lego Police Station, Lego Grand Emporium or the Lego Family Home which are just some of the fascinating and incredible Lego building sets around.

Themed Lego Advent Calendars Through The Years

click here to buy the Lego 2011 Advent CalendarTo date there have been 20 Lego Advent calendars released, including the latest one,  the 2011 Lego Star Wars calendar.

Lego started creating Advent calendars starting out in 1998.

Lego Castle Medieval Market Village

click here to buy Lego Castle Medieval Market VillageThis beautifully designed classic Castle Medieval  Market Village from Lego is an authentic looking set  full of accessories, animals, shops and carts and  much more.

You actually get a real feel for what a real  medieval market village would have been like, based  on this set, because it has been very well thought  out and has many nice features and touches.

Lego Creator Beach House

click here to buy the Lego creator beach houseBuild yourself your very own beach house out by the ocean with this 522-piece Lego Creator Beach House set.

This product has a 5-star rating from Amazon.com and has bought hours of fun to Lego building enthusiasts both young and old.

Lego City Sets & Lego Creator Sets

Lego city sets consist of buildings and places (with  people and automobiles) that you will see in every day  life.

Lego Community Miniature Figure Set – 256 Pieces

Lego Miniature Figure setThe Lego Community Miniature Figure set is a  comprehensive Lego kit that contains of 256 rare and  unique pretend figures and accessories.

Suitable for age 4 and upwards, this LEGO Community Miniature Figure Set With 256 Pieces set will provide your children with brightly  colored and realistic looking characters that  represent real life people and places. Imagine the hours of fun and creative play they will have with this rich and varied set of pretend people.