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Different Types of Puzzle Games for Kids of Different Ages

Jigsaw puzzle games have been in existence for centuries. Traditional jigsaw games are basically made with cardboard and they are available in several shapes and sizes.

Dixit Board Game

click to buy Dixit Card Game The Dixit Board Game is based on storytelling and has won  both the French and Spanish Board Game of the Year  awards.

Many parents find that Dixit is great at encouraging  abstract thinking in children. It is a great game for  children and adults alike. Players can join in or leave at will and this game will keep all ages happy and enthralled and laughing too.

Settlers of Catan

Click here to buy the Settlers of Catan board gameThe Settlers of Catan is a board game that has been played by thousands of players over the years and is a well-known and much loved game. It’s a trading and territory strategy  board game that is set in the mythical world of Catan.

Many avid fans of the game have likened it to a cross  between Chess and Monopoly.

People who have bought and played this game absolutely  love it and find it quite addictive, with many claiming  that it brings out the addictive streak in many.

Pandemic Game

click here to buy the well-loved cop-op game PandemicRace against time and attempt to save the world!

That’s what the Pandemic board game is all about.

A 2 to 5 player game,  this is what is known as a co-operative game where all the players need to work together in order to find a cure for the world.

Ticket To Ride Board Game

click to buy the Ticket to Ride Board Game at AmazonThe Ticket To Ride game is one of the most popular  specialty games of all times and has been a huge  favorite for many years now and for good reason too.

Ticket To Ride is a railway themed board and it was first released in 2004. It has won many awards  since then.

This is an easy but challenging game for 2-5 players  and can also be played by kids and grownups alike.