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Exploring Places & Situations With Lego

Building with Lego Lego and their many Lego creator sets and buildings provide your child with the opportunity to explore so  many different places and situations that they  might not yet have visited in real life.

Lego Kingdoms King’s Castle

click here to buy Lego Kingdoms King's Castle

Lego Kingdoms King’s Castle is a 933 Lego piece set which enables you to build a castle that is so full of realistic and intricate detail, it will simply take your breath away.

Instead of just a castle building, you’ll find that there is a bit of a situation here where the castle needs to be defended and kept safe from attack from enemies of the King.   Therefore, the accessories you get with this Lego set will enable your children (and you too) to play out scenes where the castle is getting attacked and where you will have to defend it and the King from harm.

LEGO Creator Grand Emporium

click here to buy Lego Creator Grand EmporiumAnother masterpiece from the collection of Lego Creator sets and what an amazingly detailed building it is too!

This is a 3-storey department store building that  has lots of intricate detailing and rare pieces, all  to scale and beautifully designed.

Lego Castle Medieval Market Village

click here to buy Lego Castle Medieval Market VillageThis beautifully designed classic Castle Medieval  Market Village from Lego is an authentic looking set  full of accessories, animals, shops and carts and  much more.

You actually get a real feel for what a real  medieval market village would have been like, based  on this set, because it has been very well thought  out and has many nice features and touches.

Lego Creator Family Home

click here to buy the Lego Creator Family Home The Lego Creator sets provide a fantastic opportunity  to build beautiful and detailed buildings from lots of  Lego pieces. This Lego Creator family home is no  exception with its beautifully detailed exterior that  includes carefully thought out touches such as a  French sliding door, flower box, awning, shutter and a  stone chimney.

Lego Make & Create Café Corner

click to buy Lego Make & Create Cafe CornerThe Lego Make & Create Cafe Corner is one of those  rare and beautifully crafted, detailed and realistic  pieces of Lego genius that transport you to another  Lego world.

The Make & Create Cafe Corner has a 5 star  rating on Amazon.com