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Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 7958

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar


At last, the New Lego 2011 Advent calendar is here! Based on a  Star Wars theme and full of Galactic Festive Fun and  comes with 24 unique gifts that will take your children  right up to Christmas Day with lots of fun and  anticipation.

This is the first ever Lego Star Wars Advent  Calendar.

Themed Lego Advent Calendars Through The Years

click here to buy the Lego 2011 Advent CalendarTo date there have been 20 Lego Advent calendars released, including the latest one,  the 2011 Lego Star Wars calendar.

Lego started creating Advent calendars starting out in 1998.

Pillow Pets Sizes: Small and Large

The My Pillow Pets range of plush toys come in 2 sizes:Small Pillow Pets are 11 inches in size
Large Pillow Pets are 18 inches in size

My Pillow Pets Dragon

click here to buy My Pillow Pets DragonThe adorable, huggable and lovable My Pillow Pets  Dragon in the softest green plush is here.

With great big yellow and lavender spots on its soft  furry green body, this cute looking Dragon makes the  perfect kids companion during the day and the softest  pillow by night.

You don’t only have to use My Pillow Pets Dragon for a  bedtime pillow, he is quite versatile and can be used  as a gentle headrest during the day at TV time, whilst  reading or napping.

Furreal Friends Toys

click to buy Furreal Gogoclick to buy Furreal Friends Luluclick to buy furreal friends elephant


Furreal Friends have been around for nearly a decade, first appearing back in 2002 from Hasbro. Parents love Furreal Friends because these pets don’t poop and don’t require feeding or walking!

Their slogan “They love you for real, FurReal Friends” is appealing to young hearts and minds.

My Pillow Pets Moose

click to buy My Pillow Pets MooseMy Pillow Pets moose is a chocolate brown soft and cuddly,  huggable, snuggly and cute looking Moose that kids will  adore and love to pieces.

Dopey eyes, big fluffy ears and golden brown antlers give  you one of the cutest looking moose you have ever seen!

The Moose Pillow pets are available in both sizes: the small pillow pets 11 inch moose and
and the large pillow pets 18 inch moose.

Pillow Pets Hats

click here to buy the Pillow Pets Dog hatclick to buy the Pillow Pets Frog Hatclick here to buy the Pillow Pets Panda hat
Pillow Pets Hats are as adorable and as soft and snuggly as the Pillow Pets plush toys that your children so love.

Original Triceratops My Pillow Pet Plush Blanket

Original My Pillow Pets Dinosaur Blanket BlueKids absolutely adore the Dinosaur My Pillow Pets toys – why?

Because they are soft and cuddly and most dinosaur toys you get tend to be plastic and therefore hard to touch.

Oddly enough, whilst, as parents, we know that dinosaurs were huge, scary looking animals that roamed the earth millions of years ago, small children are mesmerised by them.

My Pillow Pets – Buy Up to 40 Different Pillow Pets Online

My Pillow Pets Make A Great Christmas Gift

My Pillow Pets DogMy Pillow Pets CatMy Pillow Pets UnicornMy Pillow Pets Lady BugMy Pillow Pets Pink Cuddly Bunny My Pillow Pets HorseMy Pillow Pets MooseMy Pillow Pets Zebra

My Pillow Pets are beautiful, cuddly, soft, animal  shaped toys that seem to be the rage right now. In fact,  children that own a My Pillow Pet toy seem to be  completely in love with their snuggly, cuddly toys.

My Pillow Pets have been around since 2003 and have been  bringing happiness to many kids and adults since then.