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KidKraft Kitchens For Kids

KidKraft are a premier supplier high-quality and safe toys for children. Established since 1968, KidKraft have been designing and creating premier children’s room furnishings and wooden toys for over 40 years. They have a wonderful selection of KidKraft kitchens for kids and many have award winning designs.

Corolle Special Feature Baby Doll Lila

Corolle make beautiful, realistic looking baby dolls and their Special Feature Baby Doll Lila is no exception.

Baby Lila, The Size Of A Newborn

At 17 inches, Baby Lila is similar in size to a newborn baby and really does encourage interactive and creative play for your child. She is lightweight and very easy for little ones to carry about.

At What Age Do Babies Enjoy Baby Gyms?

Baby gyms are great for stimulating little minds but what you  will find when you look at many baby gyms is that they will  recommend not to be used for children under the age of 3 years  due to choking hazards.

This can seem at a conflict with the whole point of having a  “baby gym”, because a 3 year old is not  a baby. Often,  manufacturers put these disclaimers to safeguard themselves  and many parents DO buy these activity gyms for their small  babies.

A Basic Guide To Choosing Toys For Babies

A baby’s only activities until the age of two months are sleeping and eating. He is not interested in anything else.

After two months, the baby starts being more curious about the world around him. At first, he just watches the activity in the room.

Choosing Toys For A 6-9 Month Old

It is always a challenge to find a proper and useful toy for your child. On the one hand a toy must be useful for the baby’s development, on the other- it must be harmless. To select a correct toy for the baby you know some of his or her peculiarities of thinking and behaviour at stages of his or her development. Let us help you to discover the interesting and beautiful world of baby toys for your child from the ages of 3-6 months old.

Helpful Hints in Buying Baby Strollers

image for Buying Baby StrollersThe thought of buying baby stroller toys can be extremely exciting, especially once you hit the sores that are filled with cute looking things that your baby would love to play with. Not only do they amuse the babies, a good selection of toys can also help sharpen the baby’s mind, and can train his or her mind to work smarter.

Selecting Baby Shower Gifts – 5 Tips To Choose Useful Presents

image for Selecting Baby Shower Gifts1. Understand that a baby shower is a party held for wishing well to a set of expectant parents and gifts need not be only for the baby, though this is usually the case. You are encouraged to think out of the box of baby layettes, toiletries and soft toys here even as these are never out of form for traditional gifting.

Ideal Gifts for Newborn Babies

Gifts for a Newborn BabyThe arrival of a new baby is cause for joy and celebration in   a family.  Close friends and family members who find   themselves becoming grandparents, or aunts and uncles – all  will  be thrilled and will be looking for the ideal baby gift  and all will be wondering what is a really nice baby gift to  buy.

Keeping Dog Toys Separate From Baby Toys

We had a reader write into to us with the following “problem”. She says she never realized until she was pregnant how similar dogs and babies can be! One of her three dogs is a toy monger. The best toy is a toy another dog is playing with. The other two could not care less (probably because they never get a chance to play with them).

What is the best way to sanitize baby toys?

image for best way to sanitize baby toys
My baby has a lot of toys that he keeps chewing on, throwing on the floor,etc so I want to clean them as often as I can. His plastic toys are easy to clean. I just wash with soap and warm water but don’t know how to clean his soft toys that come with a label of surface cleaning only. What is the best way to clean such toys?