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Bring The Force and BB-8 Home Today!

R2-D2 and C3-PO have been entertaining us for over 30 years and by this point in the galaxy they have to be feeling the rust. While they will always have a special place in our hearts it is time to welcome the new droid on Tatooine, BB-8 You have to be hiding with the Sand People if you have not seen this little astromech droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He is just too cute and has the sci-fi community filled with excitement.

Fireworks Light Show in My Room

Do your children love the fun and excitement that fireworks provide on the 4th of July? Have you ever wanted to let your kids have fun with fireworks all year long but are worried about their safety or the high cost of buying fireworks every single day? Well, with the Fireworks Light Show in My Room by Uncle Milton toys, your kids can enjoy all the fun and excitement of real fireworks without any of the added cost or safety concerns that go along with the real thing.

This handheld toy will have your kids clamoring for more as they are able to project fireworks onto the walls and ceilings in their bedroom along with realistic fireworks sound effects. All they have to do is hold the toy four or five feet away from any light colored surface, press the button, and let the fireworks fun begin!


Realistic Sound Effects

The Fireworks Light Show in My Room toy offers the closest thing to the sound of real fireworks possible. The built-in speakers allow for very booming sound effects that go off in tandem with what you see on the wall or ceiling. You won’t need earplugs for this type of fireworks show, but you will certainly feel the boom and enjoy every second of the ultra-realistic sound effects!

8 Different Firework Shows

The Fireworks Light Show in My Room will keep your children ages 6 and up very entertained for many nights without fail. This toy comes preprogrammed with 8 exciting shows so your kids can pick from a variety of choices. As time goes on and your kids choose their favorite fireworks shows, you can enjoy fun family nights where everyone watches their favorite one.

Your Kids Control the Show

Unlike real fireworks that can be dangerous and only lit be adults, the Fireworks Light Show in My Room toy allows your kids to control the show themselves. Even small fireworks such as sparklers require very close adult supervision in order to be safe, but the Fireworks Light Show in My Room toy will only require light adult supervision so your kids have more freedom and you will have more peace of mind.

Completely Safe for Kids

Probably the best feature of the Fireworks Light Show in My Room toy is that there are no fuses to light and no sparks shooting out from anywhere. This means that you can use this toy indoors so the fireworks fun can continue even through the winter months. During the summer, the Fireworks Light Show in My Room toy works great outside when projected against the side of your house or garage. This toy is truly versatile and will bring the closest thing to real fireworks as possible into the hands of your kids without any of the negative consequences.

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table

click here to buy the Learn and Groove Musical TableLeapfrog’s Learn & Groove Table opens the door to a world of learning and musical activities that will totally grab the attention of your baby or toddler.

There is so much for a youngster to do here!

So many learning activities and musical sounds that your child is going to get a lot of visual and auditory stimulation – all without the parents having to get involved!

Electronic Educational Toys For Kids

Educational Kids ToysLights, bells, whistles – educational toys come in so many guises!

These days so many of the top brands offer a fantastic selection of educational toys  – brands such as Lego, vTech, Brio, LeapFrog and Fisher Price.

There are electronic books that help your child to enunciate letters and words, books that help them to read and write, furry toys that read stories, interactive Globes to help your child explore other continents and to discover about animals.

Furreal Friends Toys

click to buy Furreal Gogoclick to buy Furreal Friends Luluclick to buy furreal friends elephant


Furreal Friends have been around for nearly a decade, first appearing back in 2002 from Hasbro. Parents love Furreal Friends because these pets don’t poop and don’t require feeding or walking!

Their slogan “They love you for real, FurReal Friends” is appealing to young hearts and minds.

FurReal Friends Biscuit My Lovin Pup

Click to buy FurReal Friends Biscuit PuppyFurReal Biscuit is the super cute, super sized, adorable furry friend from Furreal friends.

And your kids will adore him.

You will too, because as a parent, you won’t need to feed him or take him for a walk or clean up after him as you would a real dog.  No, Furreal Friends make the perfect pets for kids and Furreal Biscuit is the ideal pet dog for any child.

Pet Robots for Kids

Pet robots for kids, what a great idea! No mess, no  hassle, no feeding or cleaning required and an easy pet  for parents to have.

For kids, pet robots are fun too  because they give your child a pet buddy to look after and  depending on which make and model of pet robot you buy,  these clever toys often perform tricks, make appropriate  animal noises and move too.

Robot Pillow Pet

The Pillow Pets toys, Pillow Pets blankets, Pillow Pets hats  and Pillow Pets Backbacks come in a variety of different categories such as Farm, Zoo, Ocean, Fantasy, Sports, Bug, Fantasy and Holiday but there is no such thing as a Robot Pillow Pet toy.

Its understandable that many kids and parents might be looking for such a toy but the My Pillow Pets manufacturers don’t look as though they will be launching a Robot Pillow Pet any time soon.

Electronic Toys for Hours of Fun

image of a electronic toyWelcome to the world of the PSP, Nintendo DS, radio controlled cars and Spiderman clocks……..

Toys for small kids and big kids too! Do you want to play with Playstation, Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo DS or the Xbox even? We have a huge range of video games to choose from. All the latest titles galore and at reasonable prices.